Christopher D. Shea

I am a Robert Bosch Foundation fellow, currently living in Berlin. As of July 2018, I’ll be based in New York City.

Before moving to Germany for the year-long professional exchange and research fellowship, I worked for three years for The New York Times in London, where I wrote news and features about culture high and low on both sides of the Atlantic. I also helped promote the Times’ culture report using SEO and social media; shot Facebook Live broadcasts; managed the international edition’s arts listings; and assisted on the news desk during breaking news, including translating on deadline from French and German.

For selected clips of my writing, click here.

I have a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Chicago and a master’s degree from Humboldt University of Berlin. I was a freelance theater writer for Time Out Chicago in college and after, and wrote more than 100 reviews for the magazine. My writing has appeared on one platform or another of Exberliner, the Boston Phoenix and WBEZ, Chicago’s NPR station. I’ve taught English, written marketing and exhibition copy and done a wide range of general assignment temp work. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts.


christopherdshea / at/ gmail dot / com